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40 Years at Dupont Circle

The Dupont Circle store, frequently cited as one of the best bookstores in the Washington metropolitan area by Washingtonian Magazine, The City Paper and various consumer polls, marks its 40th anniversary in 2018 

As we dig through our archives of memorabilia, we're asking our loyal customers to come forward with their own precious items of Second Story Books history: from promotional items of the distant past to photographs of the bookstore itself or nearby buildings, streets, alleys and parks. 

Remember when it was sometimes inconvenient (or downright impossible) to take photographs or movies at a moment's notice? And expensive to process film that might not contain anything worthwhile? You know, the pre-digital camera / smart phone era. 

Anyone have photograhpic proof such a time actually existed?  We hope you'll share, in words and when possible in pictures, those bygone days.