Selling to Second Story Books

Off-Site Purchasing

We'll come to your home, office or business for large collections. Contact Warren Wigutow at (301) 770-0477 ext. 16 or to make an appointment.

Dupont Buying Policies

This location only accepts books in excellent condition. For digital media, art, or antiques please contact our Rockville store.
We are always on the lookout for contemporary fiction, sci/fi, mysteries, and other genre fiction, as well as philosophy, history, classics, and collectable editions.

Limits per visit: 50 items. For larger quantities, please space your visits over 2 or more days or make an appointment at our Rockville store.

We are available for trading every day from noon until 2 pm. We give store credit for books that we accept. Cash offers are reserved for rare or valuable books, or for books published this calendar year in like new condition. If you have a rare book or collection and would like to set up an appointment for review, please email photos and a brief description to

Rockville Buying Policies

We are happy to receive portions of your library that you are ready to part with (called a Book Buy).

During a Book Buy, we pore over your books, determine their value to us, and return cash or store credit to you to express gratitude for your visit.

Please do not send us a list of books and their condition or publication dates. A list is next to useless for our purposes. Please instead send photo samples to the following email to determine if your books meet our buying criteria:


Book Buying Questions and Answers:

Can I come in at any time to do a Book Buy?

Our book buying hours have recently changed:

Book Buying hours are Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday between 10am and 12pm. Saturday and Sunday our buying hours are between 11am and 2pm. This is for the Rockville location (12160 Parklawn Drive, Rockville, MD 20852).

What happens outside those times?

Our buyers aren't always available. If you come and bring your items in, leave them with us and we will handwrite you a receipt (you'll have a copy as well). The receipt is a way for us to contact you later with your offer.

How many books can I bring during a Book Buy?

Our limit is 50 books.

What is store credit?

Store credit is a way to purchase books from Rockville stock at a 25% discount from our penciled price. Credit is usable at the Second Story Dupont Circle location as well, at no discount to the penciled price.

What counts as media?

Media includes unopened, shrink-wrapped CDs; unopened, shrink-wrapped DVDs; LPs; and books!

How do we determine your offer?

We make offers based on experience. Our buyers use wide-ranging knowledge on publishing houses, customer demand, and observations on the condition of the material. They select books and make offers based on what will sell at our store.

What happens to media you do not want?

We will offer rejects back to you. Otherwise, we take them to further reduced price markets, such as our flea market at the Dupont location or the nonprofit Friends of the Library , Montgomery County.

What if I don't want anything in return for my books?

We do take small donations (under 50 books). Otherwise, we suggest taking your books to Friends of the Library (4886 Boiling Brook Parkway, Rockville, MD 20852).

I have more than 50 books. What should I do?

Call (301) 770-0477 extension 18 and leave a voicemail describing the books. You may also email a sample photo to

What if I have something that could be valuable?

Email a photo to and we can advise you.


Second Story Books does not guarantee books held will be purchased or traded for credit. Upon notifying the owner and receiving confirmation from the owner of purchase, Second Story Books will send payment or apply credit.

Any items rejected by Second Story Books must be picked up within 30 days of notification or Second Story Books reserves the right to recycle the books.

Sorry, we cannot make any offers or estimates over email or phone. Photo samples are for verifying books are eligible for sale, not what we will sell them for, hence we cannot make offers until we have books in hand. 

Questions can be directed to 301-770-0477 Ext.18

Selling through Second Story Books

See CONSIGNMENTS for details on contracting with Second Story Books as your sales agent.