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For information about selling books to Second Story Books, please see our Buying Policies. To learn about selling items through Second Story Books, visit our Consignments page. To learn more about having your items appraised by Second Story Books, please visit our Appraisals page.


Dupont Circle Store

For general inquiries, call 202-659-8884 or email


2000 P Street NW

Washington, D.C. 20036


Open Daily 10-8


To learn more about selling your books at our Dupont Circle store, please see our Buying Policies.


Rockville Store

For general inquiries, call (301) 770-0477, ext. 0 or email


Schools looking to visit our store please contact



12160 Parklawn Drive
Rockville, Maryland 20852

Open Sunday-Wednesday 10-8, Thursday-Saturday 10-9

To learn about selling your books or media at our Rockville store, please see our Buying Policies.


Internet Sales

For questions about Second Story Books items listed for sale on our website or on Alibris, ABEbooks, or Biblio, please call our Internet Sales Desk staff at (301) 770-0477, ext. 14 or email If you choose to call, please have the following information handy:

Book title


Inventory Number

If you need to leave a voice-mail message, please speak slowly and clearly. Omitted details or unclear messages may cause delayed replies.

This department handles our Alibris, ABEbooks, Biblio, and main website sales. This department does not handle items listed on our Amazon Marketplace store.


eBay Store

For inquiries about our eBay auctions and items listed on our eBay store, contact Jey, our eBay Sales Manager, at 301-770-0477, ext. 17 or at


Amazon Store

For all inquiries relating to our Amazon store, please use Amazon’s messaging platform: Amazon Marketplace.


Allan Stypeck

Email Allan at or call 301-770-0477 ext. 13.


Kim Stypeck

Email Kim at or call 301-770-0477 ext. 13.