One autograph album, ~7 x 4 inches, of red cloth, with the front cover torn off but present It contains autographs and ALS's of the following people, ordered alphabetically. Any photos not available will be uploaded shortly.

William Rounseville Alger (theologian & orator)
Nathaniel Prentiss Banks (abolitionist & Major General in the Union Army)
Henry Ward Beecher (abolitionist & theologian)
Fredrika Bremer (Swedish author & feminist reformer)
Anson Burlingame (diplomat & member of Congress from Massachusetts)
Rufus Wheelwright Clark (author & theologian)
Cassius Marcellus Clay (abolitionist from Kentucky, and namesake for heavyweight boxing champion Muhammad Ali)
Linus Bacon Comins (member of Congress from Massachusetts)
William Roscoe Deane (attorney-at-law)
Stephen A. Douglas (defeated Abraham Lincoln in a 1858 campaign for the U. S. Senate, after a series of eloquent debates.)
Ralph Waldo Emerson (author, transcendentalist & abolitionist)
William Llloyd Garrison (leading abolitionist & journalist)
Henry Giles (author & theologian)
John Parker Hale (abolitionist & U.S. Senator from New Hampshire)
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (medical doctor, author & father of the famous jurist Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr.)
Thomas Starr King (political activist & theologian. A statue of King was in the U.S. Capital building throughout the 20th century.)
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (renowned poet, abolitionist & educator)
Owen Lovejoy (abolitionist & member of Congress from Illinois)
Alonzo Ames Miner (political activist, educator & theologian)
William Douglas O’Connor (anti-slavery journalist)
John Gorham Palfrey (abolitionist & member of Congress from Massachusetts)
Edwards Amasa Park (theologian & orator)
Theodore Parker (social reformer & theologian)
Marsena Rudolph Patrick (Brevet Major General in the Army of Potomac)
Wendell Phillips (leading abolitionist. A statue of Wendell Phillips is in the Boston Public Garden)
Josiah Quincy (abolitionist & member of Congress from Massachusetts)
William Henry Ryder (abolitionist & theologian)
John Godfrey Saxe (journalist and political activist)
Jared Sparks (historian & educator)
Richard Salter Storrs, Jr. (theologian & orator)
Andrew Leete Stone (author & civil war chaplain for the 45th Regiment of the Massachusetts Volunteers)
William S. Studley (anti-slavery activist & theologian)
Harriet Beecher Stowe (famous abolitionist & author of “Uncle Tom’s Cabin”)
Sylvanus Thayer (Brevet Brigadier General and “the father of West Point”)
Mark Trafton (member of Congress & theologian)
Howard Malcolm Ticknor (journalist)
Robert Cassie Waterston (poet, theologian, & orator)
Daniel Webster (noted orator & politician)
Daniel Fletcher Webster (top person in U.S. Department of State & civil war hero)
George Whipple (abolitionist & theologian)
Seth Williams (Adjutant General of the Army of the Potomac)
Henry Wilson (Vice President of the United States from Natick Massachusetts)
William Winter (author & drama critic)
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