1364663 ANTOINE BÉCHAMP | AUTOGRAPH NOTE. Antoine Béchamp.
Béchamp, Antoine


ALS (4 in. x 7 in.), [1] page. In Very Good condition. A one-page autograph note, in French. Light offset visible to upper half of recto, light creasing along the edges, and a very small closed tear at the horizontal half. Folded in half twice, once vertically and once horizontally, as well as one more full length vertical fold along the left side. This undated, unsigned and unaddressed note is purportedly from French Biologist Antoine Bechamp to Louis Pasteur. The note discusses the silkworm ailments pébrine, also known as "pepper disease," and the bacteria Flacherie, as well as cleaning procedures. The bottom half of the recto has calculations in at least two different pencils, the authorship of which is unclear. The verso is blank save for the name "Béchamp". Shelved in Case 0.


Shelved Dupont Bookstore

Price: $500


Pierre Jacques Antoine Béchamp (1816-1908), the namesake of the Béchamp reduction, was a French chemist and biologist who worked alongside and in rivalry with fellow French scientist Louis Pasteur (1822-1895). The two first clashed over the attribution of fermentation to microorganisms, then again in the attribution of pébrine to microorganisms, then later in regard to germ theory.