Two separate letters, being a five page ALS on three sheets, from Noël Coward to Edna Ferber, dated 29/9/31 and a one page ALS on Les Avants sur Montreux letterhead also to Edna Ferber. All sheets with one horizontal fold.

The first, addressed to "Ferber my little darling," it discusses Coward's West End production of Theatre Royal, a play originally written by George S. Kaufman and Edna Ferber and preformed on Broadway under the title The Royal Family from 1927-28. Coward's cast included Marie Tempest as Fanny Cavendish, Madge Titheradge as Julie Cavendish and Laurence Olivier as Tony Cavendish. Theatre Royal had 24 performances from 1–20 October 1934 in Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester before staying at the Lyric Theatre from 23 October – 23 December 1934.

Coward discusses Olivier "Larry Olivier is playing Tony for the 1st two weeks on the road + is marvelous - then Brian Aherne takes over for London." Aherne never did take over. Olivier stayed in the roll for two months in London before he broke his ankle. Aherne played Mercutio on Broadway in Romeo and Juliet and stared in two films that year. "I think you'd be delighted with the whole cast with one notable exception + that is W. Graham Browne as Oscar Wolfe who, owing to being very old indeed + unable to act at all...This unfortunately is absolutely unavoidable as Marie Tempest will not appear without him + she is beyond words superb as Fanny. She gives every comedy line its full value + is deeply moving in the Vragis scenes. Madge Titheradge is magnificent as Julie + the end of the second Act is pretty God=damned exciting...I think you and George would be pleased with the whole performance + production...please I tell you, Miss Ferber + dear Mr. Kaufman, that I think "The Royal Family" ("Theatre Royal") is one of the most superbly written + brilliantly constructed plays I have ever had anything to do with.

The second is addressed "Darling Ferb" and discusses an upcoming surgery and general musings. It is signed 'COVARR' and has pencil written 9/5/60 on rear;

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