1351316 THE CHRISTOPHER COFFEY COLLECTION OF SPANISH COLONIAL DOCUMENTS AND RELATED ITEMS. Cadiz Cortez, Joseph-Napoléon Bonaparte, Amadeo I., Antonio Maceo, Bartolomé de Jesús Masó Márquez, Jose Marti, Marta Abreu, Juan José Ruiz de Apodaca y. Eliza.


1543-1929. The Christopher Coffey Collection of Spanish History from 1543-1929 was assembled over the last five years. The collection was purposely assembled to be a chronological representation of important aspects of Spanish domestic and global history and on Spain’s colonial control of Cuba and the Cuban Independence movement 1840’s-1898. The collection contains three components:

Part One consists of 401 Spanish government and colonial documents and 129 royal decrees and letters. They represent every Spanish Royal from the mid 1500’s to the early 1920’s including Napoleon’s brother and King Amedeo. (Total 530 items) Highlights of this section include documents and related items pertaining to the Inquisition and the subsequent outlawing of the Inquisition and torture. There is also a major focus on the Napoleonic and Independence wars including: The creation of the council or regency, The royal creation of the “Dos Mayo” holiday (1811 and 1815), Cadiz Cortez documents, The kidnapping of King Ferdinand 7th/Carlos 4th by Napoleon and his invasion of mainland Spain, The stripping of King Carlos 5th of his right to rule, Captain General (Governor) documents from numerous colonies including Cuba, Puerto Rico and Mexico, and Documents on Florida and the Americas.;

Part Two consists of 378 documents, letters, and related items relating to the Cuban Independence era 1840's-1898. It contains two components, the first being 22 Documents and letters including private letters and field promotions from Antonio Maceo, General Maso and Jose Marti (possibly his last letter) and the Spanish account of the sinking of the USS Maine on 16 February 1898. The second related is 356 letters and related items from and to Marta Abreu including awards and honors from her donations including the La Caridad theatre.;

Part Three consists of a number of miscellaneous items and serves as an addendum. It includes:
1: 1703 (18 Oct) Saint Ursula COA document.
2: 1796 (23 Feb) Imprint for research on refining sugar.
3: 1801 Blood cleansing research document.
4: 1813 (2 Feb) Royal decree signed by Captain General Apodaca as Governor of Cuba concerning the constitution of 1812 by royal decree. This was the constitution made into law by the Cadiz Cortez in the Kings absence (kidnapping).
5: Seven Documents concerning the Restoration of the 1812 constitution in 1820 and other overseas matters. A soldier’s revolt forced the King to reinstate the Constitution which alarmed the other European monarchs. They eventually sent troops to squash the rebellion and restored the Spanish Monarchy to power.
6: 1824 (11 Jan) Overseas exchequer document.
7: 1835 (23 Jul) Royal decree imprint.
8: 1844 (20 Dec) CPT GEN O’Donnell document signed by him and the archbishop.
9: 1853 (29 Jun) Cajas de Ahorro Royal Coffer document.
10: 1863 (31 Aug) Patent packet signed by Count Dulay.
11: 1863 (Oct) Philippine’s document packet.
12: Two President Diaz of the Board of Trustees Bolondron Cuba documents: 1871 (10 Feb) President Diaz document and 1886 (9 Jan) President Diaz Junta document.
13: Original photographs and Carte de Visites of Spanish Royals and families, Captain Generals, and USS Maine and members of the crew shortly before the ship sank.
14: Articles and postcards concerning the USS Maine and the raising of it from 1898-1911.
15: A comprehensive history of the Philippine Arch-Diocese of Pangasinan 1771-1939 handwritten by the Bishop of Pangasinan in English, Tagalog and Spanish.
16: Approximately 800 immigration, marriage and genealogical documents relating to Spanish colonies including Cuba, Philippines and the America’s dating 1750-1880.

The Coffey Collection is being offered only in its entirety, and would be a highlight of any institutional collection. A full inventory list, including images, is available upon request.


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