Three News Reports (1936 And 1968). Harry Reasoner.
Three News Reports (1936 And 1968)
Three News Reports (1936 And 1968)
Three News Reports (1936 And 1968)

Three News Reports (1936 And 1968)

Contemporary/ McGraw Hill, 1936. Description: A lot of three news reports focused on issues of race and poverty in America:

1) CBS Reports: Hunger in America, aired May 21, 1968. A CBS program highlighting the problems of hunger and malnutrition in several diverse American communities. The CBS team that wrote and reported the piece received a Peabody for their work. Color (turned magenta); sound. 16 mm; approx. 800 ft. Reel 2 only; no opening credits and at least one splice.

2) CBS Reports: Weapons of Gordon Parks, aired April 16, 1968. A CBS program narrated by Harry Reasoner about the life and work of photographer, author, composer, and filmmaker Gordon Parks. Parks’s photography particularly highlighted the harms of racism and poverty in American life. Color (turned magenta); sound. 16mm; approx. 25 minutes. Contemporary/ McGraw Hill. 109-40-7635. Reel 1 only.

3) March of Time: The Sharecroppers (Land of Cotton). Short film about sharecropping and cotton production in the American South, released in 1936. Black and white; sound. 16mm; approx. 7 minutes. Getty. Vol. 2, No.8 63107.

Condition: All films have been played only rarely and therefore show very little wear. Any instances of vinegar syndrome or color turning have been noted in the description of the individual film in question. For more detailed inquiries regarding the condition of a specific film, please contact us.


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