1328583 20 Russian WWII Medals

20 Russian WWII Medals

USSR: c 1941-1945. A collection of 20 Russian medals from the WWII era housed in a shadowbox. The medals present include the following: Capture of Konigsberg; Medal for Valor; Medal for Combat Service; Defense of Kiev; Defense of Stalingrad; Victory over Japan; Victory over Germany; Defense of Odessa; Capture of Berlin; Defense of Moscow; Capture of Budapest; Defense of Caucasus; Defense of Sevastopol; Defense of Soviet Polar Region; Defense of Leningrad; Defense of Prague; Liberation of Warsaw; Liberation of Belgrad; Capture of Vienna; and Medal for Meritorious Labor during the Great Patriotic War. A copy of this inventory is included with the lot. Condition: Very Good. Medals and ribbons both show some signs of age (tarnish, some change of color in the ribbons0 but the imprints on the metal are still very sharp.


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