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O Corrain, Donnchadh, ed.
O' Rourke, P.J.
O'Ballance, Edgar
O'Brian, Patrick
O'Brian, Patrick.
O'Brien, David J.
O'Brien, Edna
O'Brien, Fitz-James (illustrations by Ferdinand Huszti Horvath); with Seldes, Gilbert, introduction
O'Brien, Jim
O'Brien, John (Editor)
O'Brien, John M.
O'Brien, Kate with Troy Sing (authors) and with Chester Ong (photographer)
O'Brien, Marian Maeve
O'Brien, Michael F. and Norman Sibley
O'Brien, Patrick
O'Brien, R. Barry
O'Brien, Tim
O'Bryan, Laura
O'Byrne, John
O'Callaghan, E.B. and Hon Christopher Morgan (Sec. of State)
O'Callaghan, Roger T. and P. E. Dumont.
O'Carroll, Michael
O'Carroll. Michael
O'Casey, Sean
O'Connell Rust, Ann
O'Connell, Mary Ellen
O'Connell, Patrick
O'Connell, Robert L.
O'Connor, Harvey
O'Connor, James
O'Connor, John (ed) , Berrigan, Philip, Bianchi, Eugene C., Birmingham, William, Et al
O'Connor, Kathryn Stoner
O'Connor, R. F.
O'Connor, William Van
O'doherty, Brian.
O'Doherty, Malachi
O'Donnell, John A.
O'Donnell, Patrick K.
O'Donnell, Peter
O'Faolain, Nuala
O'Faolain, Sean
O'Faolain, Sean [John Whelan]
O'Farrell, John
O'Farrell, Maggie
O'Flaherty, Liam
O'flahetry, Roderic
O'gorman, Frances
O'Hanlon, Redmond
O'Hara, John
O'Hara, Mary
O'Hara, Mary, and John Steuart Curry [Illustrations]
O'Hara, Monica
O'Hare, Patricia A. and Margaret A. Terry, eds.
O'Keefe, Richard R.
O'Keeffe, Georgia [1887-1986] (Artist); Castro, Jan Garden (Author)
O'Malley, John B.
O'Malley, K. [Kevin]; & J. [John] L. Waddington (eds)
O'Meara, "Doc"
O'Meara, Thomas A., O.P.
O'moore, Creagh, Sir General
O'Neil, Peter V.
O'Neil, Vincent H.
O'Neill, Bard E., Dr. (aut) and General S.L.A. Marshall (intro)
O'Neill, Colman E.
O'Neill, Eugene (aut) and Shannon Stirnweis (illust.)
O'Neill, Francis (ed.) and James O'Neill (arrange)
O'Neill, John E. & Corsi, Jerome R.
O'Neill, Tony.
O'Reilly, Bill
O'Rourke, P.J.
O'Ryan, Wm., and Thomas H. Malone
O'Shaughnessy, Brian
O'Sullivan, Noel, ed.
O'Sullivan, Vincent
O'Sullivan, William, M.A.(auts)
O'Toole, Joe
O'Toole, Patricia
o,Neill, Michael & Dennis Austin, eds.
O.G. Sonneck
O.R. Cummings
Oakes, Baile (editor)
Oakes, Terry.
Oakey-Baker, Susan
Oakley, Francis
Oates Carol, Joyce.
Oates, Dan (Editor)
Oates, Joyce Carol
Oates, Joyce Carol and Steven H. Stroud [illustrator]
Oates, Joyce Carol.
Oates, Joyce Oates
Oates, Stephen B.
Oatts, [Lt.-Colonel] L. B., DSO; Foot, M.R.D. (Foreword by)
Obama, Barack
Obata, Chiura (aut), Driesbach, Janice T. and Susan Landauer
Obe, Stirling Moss (aut) and Alan Henry
Ober, Frederick A.; Birch, Reginald B. [illustrator]
Oberdoerffer, Fritz
Oberhammer, Gerhard
Oberhuber, Konrad, and Dean Walker
Obermayer, Herman J.
Obermeier, Stephen F., Swanson, Paul G., Jones, Jr, John S., Schnabel, James J. and Stephen F. Obermeier, et al
Obler, Bibiana K.
Obraztsov, Sergei (aut), Parker, Ralph and Valentina Scott (trans.)
Obrig, Theo. E.
Occidental College
Ochiai, Hidy
Ochorowicz,; J., Dr. and Charles Richet (pref.) and J. FItzgerald, M.A. (trans)
Ochse, Orpha
Odegard, Peter H.
Odell, George C.D.
Odenheimer, William H.
Odgers, George
Odicini Lezama, Antonio.
Odom, Anne
Odom, Anne and Liana Paredes Arend
Odum, Howard W.
Odundo, Magdalene.
Oe, Kenzaburo
Oe, Kenzaburo; Bester, John [Translator]
Oe, Kenzaburo; Gabriel, Philip [Translator]
Oeschger, Johannes
Oetomo, Dede, with Daniel Fietkiewicz and John U. Wolff
Office of Naval Intelligence.
Office of Technology Assessment
Office of the Chief of Ordnance
Office of the New York State Engineer and Surveyor
Office of United States Chief of Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality
Officer, Lawrence H.
Offner, Franklin
Offutt, William
Ogawa, Masataka; Foreword: Washburn, Gordon B.; Introduction: Fukuda, Tsuneari
Ogbu, John U., with the Assistance of Astrid Davis
Ogilvie, Daniel M.
Ogle, James V.
Ogorodnikov, K. F.
Ogren, Alvin
Ohayv, R. J.
Ohkawa, Kazushi and Bernard Key (eds.)
Ohmae, Kenichi.
Ohnet, Georges
Oideachais Roinn, An.
Oizerman, Theodor; Daglish, Robert (Translated from the Russian by)
Ojeda, Oscar Riera and Guerra, Lucas H.
Okada, Barbra Terry
Okada, Katutoshi
Okamoto, Kouhei.
Okawa, Naomi; with Chuji Hirayama (photographs by) and Alan Woodhull and Akito Miyamoto (translated by);
Okey, Thomas
Okigbo, Christopher
Oko-Offoboche, Edisua
Okolo, Chukwudum B., Fr. ; E I Ifesieh
Okura, Jiro (art), Inui, Yoshiaki (text) and Jane A. Farmer (curator)
Olcott, Mark; Lear, David
Olcott, William.
Oldenbourg, Zoe
Oldenburg, Claes, subject; Haskell, Barbara, author
Oldenburger, Rufus, ed.
Olderogge, Dmitry (Text); Forman, Werner(Photography); Translated by Hentges, Philippa
Oldfield, Barney.
Oldroyd, David
Olds, Sharon
Oles, Stuart G.
Olga Hall-Quest
Olgin, M.; Sultan, J.; Marmor, K.; and Blechman, M., eds.
Oliphant, M. L.
Oliphant, Mrs.
Oliphant, Pat
Olitski, Jules
Oliveira, Frank Marcio de; Walters, Vernon A.
Oliver Ditson & Co.
Oliver E.Remey, Henry F. Cochems, Wheeler P. Bloodgood
Oliver, Andrew
Oliver, Andrew, ed.
Oliver, Anthony
Oliver, Daniel, M.D.
Oliver, Ed and his Associates
Oliver, Lucile
Oliver, Mary
Oliver, Michael & Partridge, Richard
Oliver, Roland
Oliver, Steve
Oliverio, Annie
Ollefen, L. Van; and Bakker, En Rs.
Olmsted, Frederick Law
Olmsted, Nancy
Olney, James (editor)
Olsberg, Nicholas; Castro, Ricardo L.; Dimendberg, Edward [essayist]; Stalder, Laurent [essayist]; Teyssot, Georges [essayist]
Olsen, Donald J.
Olsen, J. L.
Olsen, Olaf and Crumlin-Pedersen, Ole.
Olson, Charles (Ann Charters, ed.)
Olson, Charles; Cagli, Corrado (illustrator)
Olson, Eric Georg
Olson, Eric L., Shirk, David A., and Selee, Andrew (editors)
Olson, Georg Eric.
Olson, Gusten S.
Olson, James S.
Olson, Jr., Mancur.
Olson, Julius E. and Edward Gaylord Bourne, eds
Olson, Lynne
Olson, Mancur; Kahkinen, Satu, eds.
Olson, Roberta J. M.
Olson, Roberta J. M., and Margaret K. Hofer
Olson, Sherri
Olson, Sigurd F.
Olson, Steve
Olszewski, Edward J.
Olyesha, Yuri; Translated, and with an Introduction by Robert Payne
Oman, Charles.
Omar Khayyám; Edward Fitzgerald [translator]; René Bull [illustrator]
Omar, Arthur
Ommanney, F. D. [1903-1980, Francis Downes]
Omrcanin, Ivo
Ondaatje, Michael
Ondaatje, Michael; with Tostevin, Lola Lemire, trans.; Sleppo, Christopher, illus.
One Fine Chef
Oneal, James
Oneida Community; Levine, Murray, and Bunker, Barbara Benedict (Introduction by)
Ong, Han
Ong, Walter J.
Ong, Walter J., S.J.
Onge, Yilmaz; Ates, Ibrahim; and Bayram, Sadi, eds.
Onions, C.T. (editor)
Onulduran, Ersin
Oost, Stewart Irvin
Opdycke, Leonard E.
Opie, Iona and Peter.
Opie, Robert (comp)
Opitio, Henrico [Opitz, Heinrich]; with Wasmuthi, B, Hebrew
Opitz, Charles J.
Opitz, Edmund A.
Oppenheim, A. Leo
Oppenheim, Bert
Oppenheim, E. Phillips; Pegram, Fred (Illustrated by)
Oppenheimer, Steven B. and Richard L.C. Chao
Oppert, Gustav [1836-1908]
Oppert, Gustav, ed.
Orbaan, J.A.F.
Orchard, D.F, B.Sc., PhD, Prof.
Orchard, Vincent
Orchard-Hays, W.
Orchard-Hays, William
Orchard-Hays, Wm.
Orcutt, Samuel
Orebaugh, Walter W. With Carol Jose. Foreword by Ambassador Philip C. Habib.
Orel, Harold (Edited by)
Oren, Dan A.
Oreshnykov, A. V.
Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development
Organized and edited by Joanne Stuhr
Orgel, Stephen and Strong, Roy.
Orhan Pamuk
Orie, Dana Samuel
Orioli, Luciano
Orleans, Ilo
Orlicz, Ladislai (Subject); Musielak, Julian (Editor)
Orlov, Yu. A.; with Sokolov, B. S., eds.; Mercado, A.; Mills, H., trans.
Orlovitz, Gil
Orme, Nicholas
Ormond, Flavia
Ormond, Richard
Ormsbee, Thomas
Ornes, German
Ornstein, Donald D.; Rudolph, Daniel J.; and Weiss, Benjamin
Ornstein, Paul H. (ed.)
Orosz, Joel J.; Newman, Eric P. [Foreword]
Orozco, Jose Clemente, subject; Reed, Alma
Orpen, Goddard Henry (aut) and Sean Duffy (intro.)
Orpen, Neil
Orr, Gregory
Orr, Mike (aut) with Shane Speal (contrib.)
Orser, Edward and Joseph Arnold
Ortiz, Alfonso, Volume ed.; Sturtevant, William C., Gen. ed
Ortiz, Isabel and Matthew Cummins (Editors)
Orton, Andrew
Orton, William
Orwell, George
Orwell, Sonia and Angus, Ian, eds.
Ory, Marcia G. and DeFriese, Gordon H.
Orzack, Steven Hecht; Sober, Elliott (eds.)
Osada, Toshiki and Akinori Uesugi (editors)
Osada, Toshiki and Hitoshi Endo (editors)
Osada, Toshiki, and Akinori Uesugi (editors)
Osada, Toshiki.
Osborn, Fairfield
Osborn, Herbert
Osborn, Paul
Osborne, D. G.
Osborne, George A.
Osborne, John (Author); Conrad, Paul (Cartoons by)
Osborne, John (Author); Oliphant Pat (Illustrated by)
Osborne, John [1929-1994]
Osborne, John.
Osburn, Mary Hubbell
Oscar Wilde; Charles Robinson [illustrator]
Osei, G. K.
Oseye, Ebele (Ellease Southerland)
Osgood, Charles Grosvenor
Osgood, Dr. William Fogg
Osgood, Lucius.
Osgood, Richard; Monks, Sarah; Toms, Judith
Osgood, Samuel
Osgood, William Fogg
Oskamp, Stuart; Spacapan, Shirlynn
Osmaston, Henry and Nawang Tsering (eds.)
Ostby, Leif
Osterwalder, K.
Ostovich, Helen, Silcox, Mary V. and Graham Roebuck
Ostrander, Susan A.
Ostrogorsky, Georges [1902-1976]; with Gouillard, J., trans.; and Lemerle, Paul [1903+], preface
Ostrovsky, Alexander and David Magarshack (trans. & intro)
Ostrowski, Jan
Oswald Mathias Ungers
Ota, Masahide
Otero, J. M. Quijano
Othmer, James P.
Ott, Wayne R., ed.
Ottaway, Mark; Palmer, Hugh [photographer]
Ottema, Nanne.
Otten, Karl.
Ottenberg, Simon
Otter, Floyd L. [Signed]
Otto Benesch, Eva Benesch
Otto Stupakoff
Otto, Alexander F. and Holbrook, Theodore S.
Otto, Whitney
Ottokar Fischer
Ottomanyi, Katalin; and Gyongyossy, Marton
Oueliet, Andre [Honorable Minister of State for Urban Affairs]
Ouellette, Dan
Ousby, Ian
Outhwaite, William
Outram, J.
Ovenden, Mark
Overacker, Louise
Overbeck, Johannes.
Overing, Joanna (ed.)
Overstreet. Gene D.; Windmiller, Marshall
Overton, John H.
Overy, Richard (aut) and Dale Dye (fwd)
Owen, Colin R.
Owen, Orville W.
Owen, Roger
Owen, Roger; Sutcliffe, Bob (eds.)
Owen, WM. Miller
Owen-Workman, Michelle A.; Phillips, Stephen Bennett
Owens, John Algernon
Owings, Nathaniel Alexander
Owst, G.R.
Oxford University
Oxford University Press
Oyediran, Oyeleye
Oz, Amos. de Lange, Nicholas (translator)
Oz, Avraham (ed.)
Oz, Tahsin.
Ozawa, Terutomo
Ozick, Cynthia
Ozment, Steven
Ozment, Steven E.
Ozment, Steven E. (Ed.)
Oztuncay, Bahattin.
Ozturk., Yesim

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